Our Counselors attend the latest training to expand their 
           knowledge base and better serve our clients.


  • Licensed Professional Counselors-Supervision (LPC-S)
  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)
  • Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

        Victoria Alonzo M.S., LPC

"My goal is to create a positive environment based on trust and understanding. Once that has been established, we can work together in achieving realistic goals that will allow my clients to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives."
Ileana E. Castro M.A. LPC-S, CART

"For me, it is important to understand the patient's concerns, and tailor the treatment to meet their needs and help them recover and function well"
         Brenda E. Ferrer,M.S., LPC, CART

"I believe in building a trusting and positive environment with every individual to promote growth and resilience through life's challenges."

         Pedro Mendoza  M.A., LPC

"My objective is to listen to my client's issues, and get an understanding of their cognitive and emotional beliefs. By working with them to undo their irrational beliefs and behaviors and provide a positive perspective. This is done through self-exploration and building a trusting rapport, and emphatic understanding, and providing a positive insight to my client's cognitive and emotional beliefs for a better way of life."
         Pablo Moreno M.E d., NCC, LPC-S, CART

"I believe in helping my clients achieve realistic goals and guiding them to help themselves in order to live healthier lives."
         Laura L. Osio M.A., LPC

"I strive to create a positive, trusting environment, and to assist the client in creating and achieving goals that help improve their daily life."
         Santa E. Pena M.E d.,LPC-S, CART

"The focus of my professional commitment is to promote and enhance my clients' insight through leardership, guidance, counseling and trust."
        Mary Sanchez-Perez, M.Ed., LPC

"My goal as a therapist is to treat each person as a unique individual with unconditional acceptance regardless of their struggles by providing guidance and the necessary counseling tools to assist them in dealing with life challenges."
         Sandra Y. Solís M.Ed., LPC

"My goal is to guide my clients through their presenting issues and help them lead happy, healthy lives."
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